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We quiet understand that your home , your balcony is an extension of yourself, a place where your are one with the nature.

A balcony or a home garden can be  a remarkable companion to nurture your body, mind and soul.

Indoor plants add life to the house and provide innumerable health benefits 

The Green Revolution participates with you in ensuring that these gifts of nature enrich your homes and nourish your mind and soul.  Our experienced and professional staff invests the time, energy and resources necessary to ensure that this little part of you is well maintained and ever fresh. 

We undertake monthly maintenance contracts for you home plants with up to  5 visits a month to ensure exact nourishment and care for your natural treasures.


These visits take care of all your garden requirements from plant nutrition, pruning, soil review, fertilizer requirements and much more. 

Bring The Green Revolution in you homes today and see the difference in your well-being. 

Contact Us.

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